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Hughes Confident in the Coates Family

Posted on May 12, 2015  in Stoke

Peter Coates is the chairman of Stoke City; he is one the main figures responsible in offloading cash whenever it may be needed in order to sign players that can reinforce the Premier League side Stoke City.

The manager of the English club, Mark Hughes has voiced his support and confidence towards Peter Coates and his spending power.

During the first season of Mark Hughes in charge of Stoke City, he managed to push the team to the 9th spot of the Premier League and Hughes wants to continue finishing the season in one of those top spots but the coach believes that in order for that to happen a few signings might need to be made.

Mark Hughes at Stoke
Stoke City’s Mark Hughes displayed the confidence that he has concerning Peter Coates and his ability to sign high quality players that can help the team continue finishing in the top 10 spots of the Premier League as the manager told reporters.

“We have done some good deals and done some good business and bought good players. We are pleased with that but that can’t be a strategy moving forward. We will have to reinvest significantly in the team” he told this source.

“If we want to continue to get better and be a consistently successful side in the Premier League which for us equates to top-10 finishes every year – then we will have to add more quality and that costs money. We understand that and the Coates family understands that.”

“I am very comfortable and very confident that if we have the opportunity to bring a really top player here that costs a significant amount, the means to do so will be made available.”

Mark Hughes has already said that finishing in the top 10 spots of the Premier League is his priority and that is what he will focus on doing for the remainder of the English League which is a possible thing to accomplish but Stoke City will have to claim a few more victories in their remaining matches of the season.