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Posted on May 28, 2013

Tony Pulis was recently sacked as the Stoke City manager after seven years in charge at the club, but he has said in a statement that he understands the reason for losing his job.

Pulis is one of the few British managers to have never been relegated in his career. He took charge of Stoke City when they were a Championship club. He has not only managed to get them into the Premier league, but he has also managed to secure their status in the top division as well. However, there have been several criticisms of the manager, who largely resorts to long ball football.

Stoke City fans have so far been extremely patient with their manager despite the long ball football. However, the team has been extremely poor over the last couple of seasons – despite spending a lot of money on the transfer window. This has led to a lot of agitations from the fans, who have demanded at least good football from the team. A very poor 2013 saw Stoke win only three matches in 19 fixtures, which left them in danger of relegation for most of the campaign.

Chairman Peter Coates has said that this was the right time to change.

“Peter, his family and I have enjoyed every inch of the journey. He has been truly a fantastic man to work with. Although I am disappointed, I do understand what he means when he says the board feels a need to take the club in a different direction. In leaving, I am very proud of what we have all achieved. My immediate staff lead by David Kemp, my backroom staff and all the training ground staff have been absolutely wonderful,” said the former manager in a statement. Stoke have developed their facilities to great extent since coming to the Premier league.