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Posted on October 15, 2012

The Stoke city manager Tony Pulis has said that he is the extremely disappointed not to have helped Stoke city win their first match against Liverpool at Anfield for 49 years.

The record held by Liverpool of being unbeaten against Stoke city in the league for more than 49 years is the longest standing unbeaten record in all of English football. Stoke city have come extremely close to ending this record in the last few years. This time around, Tony Pulis was looking to bring an end to this record once and for all. However, Stoke city were able to manage only a 0-0 draw with Liverpool during the weekend.

It has been a slow start for Stoke city this campaign after they have been able to get just one victory in the seven matches they have played. Many teams would be extremely happy to come away from Anfield with a point, but Tony Pulis has made no secret of the fact that he wants to bring that record to an end. Despite not getting the three points, Tony Pulis has revealed that he was satisfied with the performance of his team. Stoke will now be facing Manchester United away from home after the international break.

“We’re pleased. We’ve had three draws [at Anfield] in the five years that we’ve been in the Premier League so we haven’t done too bad. That’s our third clean sheet I think but we just can’t get that win we’d love. The first 20-25 minutes I thought we had the best chances and the best of the game and then they came into it and second half we had to defend resolutely but still looked dangerous on the break,” said Tony Pulis to Sky Sports. Stoke city are currently 12th in the Premier league table.