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Ronald Koeman reckons Chelsea’s style of play

Posted on December 4, 2015

Ronald Koeman reckons Chelsea’s style of play is responsible for the results that they have fetched so far.

Chelsea’s numbers of late have been extraordinarily disappointing and there’s been huge pressure on charismatic Mourinho,
Although he has been given the job security by the bosses at Stamford Bridge, but, a lot is at stake for him.
In the views of Koeman, who is in charge of Southampton FC at the moment, Mourinho is ultra negative when it comes to tactics and that is harming Chelsea.

According to the Dutchman, if Mourinho wants to get the Blues back to winning ways, he should have a look at the other team, the teams like Arsenal, the kind of attacking Football that they are playing.

Koeman was all praise for the Gunners for their smashing win over the Red Devils recently.

Yesterday evening, Koeman was quoted as saying, “Chelsea intends to be on the defence all the time. Even when they take a lead, their approach remains the same. You would never see them trying to put the opposition under real pressure.”

“The Gunners, on the other hand, can absolutely demolish you. What they did to United was brilliant. They attacked in full flow. That was one of the best performances I have seen this season. Chelsea doesn’t operate that way. Playing against them, you always have the opportunity to make a comeback because they are not really attacking you.”

Koeman’s team itself has not played the best of Football in the ongoing season, but, they have done decently enough to be in top 10. They are positioned 8th right now with 12 points.

Southampton is scheduled to take on Leicester City next. That game will be played after the international break on 17th of October.