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McClean Urges His Fans To Judge Him As A Player

Posted on July 28, 2018  in Stoke

The newcomer of Stoke City James McClean urged his new fans to judge him purely as a footballer. He came up with this appeal as many people showed their anger on social media on this player as he refused to wear the poppy on Remembrance weekend. Looking at the anger, the Irish international tweeted directly to Stoke City fans stating that he is delighted to be the part of the club and he cannot wait to enter the pitch. He requested his fans to judge him only based on how he plays on the pitch. He promised Stoke fans that he would give everything he has when he pulls on the jersey. With the support of his fans, he said he would help the club reach for greater heights.

McClean had already explained earlier that he doesn’t wish to wear a poppy and this should not be mistaken as a sign of disrespect to the ones who lost their lives in the world wars. He made it clear that wearing a poppy is not only about victims of World War One and Two. He would have won it each day if it was only about those victims, but it doesn’t signify for all conflicts Britain has done. Considering the history where he comes from, the newcomer said he cannot wear a poppy. He has hailed from Derry and poppy means totally something different to McClean and to people from the Northern part of Ireland.  For McClean, wearing a poppy is as good as disrespecting the innocent people who are no more in this world.

The boss of the Stoke City Gary Rowett also stressed that the player has been honest about his beliefs and one must appreciate that. McClean has already won several hearts with his beliefs and the statements he made to the social media. His fan followers are increasing and are anxiously waiting to see his performance

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